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Video Poker Guide

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Introduction to Video Poker

Video Poker is a blend of poker & slots, instead of matching reel symbols, players match up hand values, throw in some wild cards for the fun aspect and Video Poker was born. This concept has spawned many variatations including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, All American etc. each game has differs on it's payout table and disigated wild cards.

In Video Poker the player does not play against the dealer, the sole aim is to get the best possible hand which at least meets the minimum hand required for a payout (i.e. a pair of Jacks in 'Jacks or Better').

Video Poker variants

Different Video Poker variants differ by:

  • Number of coins - The maximum amount of coins which can be played in a hand.
  • Multi Hands - Instead of simply multiplying your payout by the number of coins you played, in multi hand variants after you hold/discard your initial hand. These are duplicaed for every coin played but the remaining cards are dealt from different decks.
  • Wild card(s) - Some Video Poker variants designate particular cards as 'wild' such as 2's in Deuces Wild. The wild card will automatically complete the highest possible hand with your current cards.
  • Payout table - The most important aspect, this determines the minimum hand required for a win (i.e. a pair of Jacks in 'Jacks or Better'). Note that payouts for particular hands can differ between different variants and some will offer you a better payout for betting the maximum number of coins. More on payout tables.

Best Video Poker

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