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Craps Strategy

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Reducing the house edge with supplementary bets

The key to Craps strategy is by sticking to:

'Pass Line' bets
'Don't Pass Line' bets

'Come' bets
'Don't Come' bets

This is because these type of bets carry the lowest house advantage, all other bets should be considered sucker bets and avoided.

Furthermore if the outcome if any of these four types of bets are not resolved in the following roll (i.e. a point is established) the player has the option of making a 'Supplementary' bet (also known as 'Odds' bet) which are paid at TRUE ODDS.

Supplementary Bet To: Payout
Pass Line/Come bets 1 to 2 (on 4 or 10)
2 to 3 (on 5 or 9)
5 to 6 (on 6 or 8)
Don't Pass Line/Don't Come bets 2 to 1 (on 4 or 10)
3 to 2 (on 5 or 9)
6 to 5 (on 6 or 8)

As 'Supplementary' bets are paid at true odds, this dilutes the house advantage. Consequently the more you make the lower the house advantage. Here are the effects on the house advantage:

Supplementary Bet (x initial bet) House Advantage on Pass Line/Come bets House Advantage on Don't Pass Line/Don't Come bets
0 (normal bet) 1.41% 1.36%
1x 0.85% 0.68%
2x 0.61% 0.46%
3x 0.47% 0.34%
5x 0.33% 0.23%
10x 0.18% 0.12%
100x 0.021% 0.014%
Source: Wizard Of Odds

Typically the player is allowed to make a 'Supplementary' bet up to 2x the initial bet on online casinos.

How to make a supplementary bet

Applying this Craps strategy at online casinos can be quite tricky as there is no obvious betting area on the Craps table flagging these types of bets. On typically to make a 'Supplementary' bet for a 'Pass/Don't Pass Line' bet you merely have to click on the same bet square you wish to supplement.

e.g. On a 'Pass Line' bet, after a point is established you can make 'Supplementary' bets by clicking on the 'Pass Line' area.

In the case of 'Come/Don't Come' bets, after the following roll (if you didn't win nor lose) your bet is moved into the 'Place' bets area on whichever number the point value was rolled. Simply click on that number square where the bet has been moved to.

e.g. On a 'Come' bet, after a point is rolled, say 5. To make a 'Supplementary' bet click on the 5 square in the 'Place' bets area.

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