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Special Roulette Bets

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French Roulette Bets

In our learn Roulette rules guide we explained the basic inside & outside bets, but the best casinos will offer 'French Roulette' which tends to feature additional types of Roulette bets including:

  • Neighbour bets
  • Special bets

Note that these bets carry the same house edge as any other bet in Roulette. These have their uses as a shortcut to place numberous bets across particular section the Roulette table.

Roulette neighbour bets

These types of bets are placed by clicking on the on the Roulette racetrack (the number oval above the layout table).

Roulette special bets

Below is a list of French inspired names for popular Roulette bets. These can be accessed on some of the better online casinos.

Best online Roulette

William Hill Casino Review
William Hill casino features French Roulette features the French ’La Partage’ rule which returns half of your wager on even money bets when a zero is rolled in, cutting the house advantage to 1.35%. In addition it also features the special French & racetrack bets often left out by others.

awarded Best Roulette
William Hill Online CasinoBonus: 150 + Monthly: 100

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