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Street Fighter Video Slot Game

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Street Fighter
Type 5 Reel video slot
No. of reels 5
Paylines 25
Coin value £0.01 - £20
Top jackpot 5,000x coin value
Special symbols wild (characters), scatter
Special feature Free spins (fight M. Bison)
Rated 7

Finally the Wagerlogic casinos get a franchise I actually care about. Street Fighter 2 was the ultimate beat em up series which I spent far too much of my childhood playing and arguing it was far better than the Mortal kombat series.

Anyway, I can't remember how many times the franchise has whored itself out for sequels and spin off games so it was only a matter of time before they made a slots game out of it. The first thing you'll notice is they've remade some of the character graphics in 3D and I have to say, if they were trying to appeal to the fan nostalgia, they really should have stuck to the good old 2D sprites of the original game.

The slot itself is has very few bonus features and as a result playing it can drag on however the main bonus feature makes up for it. When activated your character begins a fight with M. Bison, the reels from there on will spin in the moves (punch, kick, special) which the characters use. So granted the outcome of these battles is random however since most players I recall were button bashers this is probably a very acturate recreation of the orginal experiecne.

In short the designers really should have made the slot game around the bonus feature. The game drags on most of the time but is exceptional once the bonus feature is activated.


Like all five reel slots payouts are valid on matching symbols from left to right (on a wagered payline).

At the start of the game you select one of the five charaters (you can swap characters before each spin). If your character's portrait is spun in it is treated as a wild symbol and will substitute itself for any standard symbol to match your lines (note: the charaters on appears on reel 2). M. Bison's portrait is also treated as wild (he only appears on reel 4).

Your character choices M. Bison
Ryu KenChun LiGuileSagat M Bison

wild symbol on Tome raider video slotScatter:
If two or more scatter symbols spin into screen you automatically win a small amount:

5 scatters = 100x bet
4 scatters = 20x bet
3 scatters = 5x bet
2 scatters = 1x bet

Main bonus

The main bonus feature activates when you spin in both your character and M. Bison at the same time. Both characters jump out, reels 2 and 4 become wild zones and some reels will now be marked with fighting symbols (punch, kick, punch & kick or special move). You enter into what is effectively a free spins bonus.

After each free spin, your character will perform the fighting moves from the left reel while M. Bison will perform moves on the last reel and each character will suffer damage. The amount you won on that spin is then displayed (bare in mind because both the 2nd and 4th reel are now wild zones, it becomes very easy to win larger amounts).

The free spins end once one of the characters is knocked out.

Where to play

Street Fighter video slots game is available from the following Wagerlogic powered casinos:

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