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Stud Poker Rules

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Stud Poker objective

The aim of Casino Stud Poker is to beat the dealer's hand, but this variation of poker has 2 important factors.

  • Before the player receives a hand they must place an ante (a minimum bet before a game starts). Only then do they receive a hand at which point may may decide to bet (play on) on or surrender.
  • The dealer will lose automatically if they do not have at least an Ace/King combination (qualify).

How to play Stud Poker

Once you have placed an ante you are dealt 5 cards. The dealer will then also receive 5 cards with 1 facing up.

If you feel your hand is inadequate you may surrender and give up your ante. If feel your hand is strong or the dealer may fail to qualify then you continue by betting 2x your ante.

The dealer will then reveal their cards, and they will either qualify, or fail to qualify:

If the dealer does not have at least an Ace/King combination their hand, they will fail to qualify. The player then automatically wins and is 1 to 1 their ante and bet.

If the dealer qualifies it's hand is compared with that of the player's. If the dealer beats the player their ante and bet is lost. If the player wins they will receive a 1 to 1 payout on their ante and a payout on their bet determined by the strength of their hand see payout table below.

Stud Poker payouts

Below is a table of the payouts for Casino Stud Poker. Please note that some casinos such as William Hill also offer a 'progressive bonus' bet where you place an additional bet to for a shot at a jackpot normally in excess of £50,000. We have included the typical payouts for these types of bonuses, but we DO NOT recommend them.

Hand Payout Progressive Bonus
Nothing 1 to 1 (if the dealer fails to qualify)  
One Pair 1 to 1  
Two Pairs 2 to 1  
Three Of A Kind 3 to 1  
Straight 4 to 1  
Flush 5 to 1 £50
Full House 7 to 1 £100
Four Of A Kind 20 to 1 £500
Straight Flush 50 to 1 10% of Jackpot (At least £10,000)
Royal Flush 200 to 1 100% of Jackpot (At least £50,000)

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