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Slots introduction

The aim of slots is to spin in a matching line of symbols on the reels so that you receive a payout. Different symbols are worth different amounts of money. The main attraction of slots is that they require no skill/knowledge to play and offer huge jackpots.

For those of you, who are familiar with the Barcrest or May Gay slot machines at your local pub, note that most online slots are based on American slot designs lacking the the special features boards or hidden features that you may be used to. We have however rounded up the best slots games which have the most entertaining feature.

Slot variants

The 2 main categories of slots are:

  • Fixed payout slots - These have a fixed payout table, a player is paid depending on what matching symbols are rolled in.
  • Progressive slots - These feature a jackpot which increases everytime someone plays (many are in excess of £100k). Once the jackpot is hit, it resets to it's starting minimum balance.

Within these 2 categories, slots can vary by:

  • Number of reels - Usually at 3 but can be up to 5.
  • Number of payout lines - The amount of valid ways a player can match symbols, i.e. diagonally as well as on the middle line.
  • Number of coins - The maximum amount of coins which can be played in a spin.
  • Token symbol - Many slots feature a 'token' symbol where you get a win for rolling in the symbol (typically a cherry which pays a mere 1 coin).
  • Wild symbol - Some slots feature a 'wild' symbol which can be substituted for any other symbol to complete a matching payout line.
  • Multiplier - The 'wild' symbols featured on some slots can also multiply the normal payout between 2-10x.
  • Payout table - The most important aspect, different slot machines may have many tiers of small payouts where as other haves larger payouts, with less frequent payouts. The payout table is often determined by the number of coins played on the winning spin.

Case study

Fly Ace slot guide

Lets take a look at the Flying Ace slot (found on Microgaming casinos)

  • 3 reels
  • 5 payout lines - You can bet on all 5 lines by betting 5 coins or only the middle line by betting just 1 coin.
  • 1-5 coins - The more coins you wager the more payout lines are counted. You can set the value of a coin between 25p-£5.
  • Token symbol - Win a coin if it appears in your payline (no matching symbols required)
  • Wild symbol - Can be substituted for any other symbol to complete a matching payout line. If no line can be completed it will become the 'token' symbol so you will be guaranteed a win.
  • Payout table - Geared for higher payouts, the lower tiers are quite poor but the jackpot goes up to £6,000.

Best Slots

Paddy Power Casino Review
Paddy Power offers the immensely popular themed slots games Monopoly and Cludeo.

Paddy Power CasinoBonus: 5

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