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Common Slots Myths

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Slot myths

"slots only payout a percentage of what has been put in".
"A slot machine that just gave a big payout won't pay out again for a while".

While this is true in the case of the May Gay/Barcrest class of machines you find at your local pub. The obvious reasons being, these machines tend to be operated by third parties (amusement companies) if a fruit machine was to payout more than it had in, this would create a sticky situation between the punter and the landlord.

In the case of online casinos (and indeed the casino class of slot machines) each spin of the wheel is determined by a computer program that generates a random result. The casino will of course set a payout level of under 100%, so over time the casino will make a profit. However this way, each time you spin the slots it is a fair game of luck.

The only sense in which past play affects slot machines is in the case of progressives where the jackpot is determined by the amount it has been played previously. It is possiable (although highly unlikely) for the jackpot to be hit 2 times in sucesssion but in the case of progressive slots, the second jackpot win would be far smaller compared to the first.

"Slot machines stop on any possible set of symbols with equal probability".

No, the lower prize value symbols are naturally given more weight hence it is harder to spin in the jackpot/special feature symbols. This is still done randomly with number generators where the numbers are assigned to particular symbols however the casinos asign fewer numbers to the jackpot/special feature symbols.

"Slots are the worst gamble in a casino."

This is true to a certain extent, the house advantage on slots don't tend to be as good as table games. However most table games aren't based on pure luck to get the low house edge which is commonly advertised, you have to be playing according to optimal strategy.

Making bad bets at the craps table or blackjack table can give far worse odds than any slot machine.

Best Slots

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