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Littlewoods Poker Review

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Littlewoods Poker summary

As the friendliest face of the online poker rooms, Littlewoods is thee choice for newbies giving poker a try. Littlewoods has one of the most cleanest & intuitive controls around which makes it easier to pick up, it's full of other novices so you don't have to worry about getting eaten live. As well as $ & tables there are plenty of busy , one less hassle for us Brits.

Love: Lots of loose novices

Awards: Best for newbies

Hate: Punters seem to only play Texas Hold'em

Review Breakdown


Littlewoods Poker promotions rated 7Littlewoods Poker promotions rated 7
Littlewoods Poker games rated 7Littlewoods Poker games rated 7
Littlewoods Poker banking rated 8Littlewoods Poker banking rated 8
Littlewoods Poker customer support rated 8Littlewoods Poker customer support rated 8


Bonus: Monthly 25 bonus Littlewoods Poker

Promotions rated 7 - Littlewoods Poker

Learn to play fast
It pays to learn how to play fast, Littlewoods' monthly bonus awards you 5 for every 50 hands you play. In addition there are also plenty of opportunities to earn money by being invited to play at a table for up to 20 per hour, while the site is very busy the players do tend to stick to Texas Hold'em so plenty of invites for the Omaha players.

  Amount Details
Sign up bonus Monthly 25 bonus 5 bonus is awarded every 50 real money hands (excludes tournaments). This bonus is available for up to 250 hands so you can earn a 25 bonus every month
Bad beat jackpot 1500 Littlewoods bad beat jackpot starts at 1,500 and increases by 100 per day till it's won. 25% goes to the winning hand, 50% goes to the losing hand and 25% is split between the remaining players.
Royal flush jackpot 300 Regardless of how many times it's been won, anytime a player get a Royal Flush (using 2 of their hole cards) they win 300. Real money games only.
Invite to play 20 Order to keep tables busy, sometimes Littlewoods will open a pop up window to offer players payment to play at a table.

N.B. the 20 per hour is only available to players on the highest stake tables and lower rates are paid to lower limit tables.


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Games rated 7 - Littlewoods Poker

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Clean & simple
Littlewoods' software is intuitive and very easy to use, offering all the worthwhile poker games in the three major currencies , $ and and on a large variety of table limits. There are stats features built into the software which can be a useful tool to analyse your game or find a table with loose players.

Lots of loose players & newbies
There are lots of loose players at Littlewoods enabling newbies to get some great experience here without getting eaten up by the sharks. As you experience improves move onto the higher limit tables.

Our main critic is that pretty much the only game played here is Texas Hold'em the remaining games tend to be a little quiet.

Games featured:
7 Card Stud
Omaha High
Omaha High/Low
Texas Hold'em

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Banking rated 8 - Littlewoods Poker

UK players benefit greatly from the payment methods at Littlewoods, players can deposit and get paid back via your Switch card. Where as most other online poker rooms tend to only offer withdraws via cheques & e-wallets. Withdrawals via switch are processed within 24hrs, although for extra security, players must wait for their PIN to arrive by mail before they can do their first withdrawal.

Payment/withdrawal methods
Switch, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Firepay, Western Union, Cheque
Instant withdrawal
No charges on card & cheque withdrawals
PIN is mailed to you before withdrawals can be made
Minimum withdrawal of 5

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Customer support rated 8 - Littlewoods Poker

Easy & Swift Service
Littlewoods offer a very high standard of support by both email and telephone (free phone) 24/7. The telephones are well manned so your queries are normally dealt with straight away but we found they generally responded to our email queries within 2 hours (they guarantee a response within 24 hrs). To top this off you can also use the host feature in Littlewoods' poker software which allows live chat between a customer rep.

UK 0800 389 2765
Canada 011 800 7777 4357
Int (int code)+800 7777 4357

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